Thames Heritage Festival - Vintage Festival Coromandel Peninsula Thames Heritage Festival - Vintage Festival Coromandel Peninsula


Te Kauaeranga Thames -
A Town of Many Tales

Thames Heritage Network - working together to keep our history alive - Thames Museum Te Whare o te Kauaeranga, Bella Street Pumphouse, Thames Goldmine Experience, Thames School of Mines, The Treasury, Thames Small Gauge Railway,Historic Kopu Bridge, St. James Union Parish Church, St. Georges Anglican Church, John William Hall Arboretum, Historic Shortland and Tararu Cemeteries

Thames has a rich and proud history in the early development of New Zealand, and the Thames Heritage Festival is a celebration of our extraordinary past.

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Click here for full programme of the 2023 Heritage Festival.

2022 events included:

◆ Tintype Photography Portraits at School of Mines

◆ Goldmine Experience Blacksmiths Shop

◆ Guided Walking Tour of Shortland Cemetery

◆ St. James Union Parish Church Open Days

◆ Two for One Day at School of Mines

◆ Talk on The Two James at School of Mines

◆ Design Your Own Whanau/Family Crest

◆ Photo Booth at Bella Street Pumphouse

◆ All Aboard the Small Train

◆ The Gallipoli Monologues by Mark Wright

Plus many more.

See the 1News story on the Goldfields 150th Anniversary

The Rising Sun: Remembering when The Thames was new, growing stronger and brighter, its beams touching us all.
Red and Black: Represent the colours of Maori as the original guiding light to Aotearoa.
Gold: Our heritage sites all have some connection to this mineral.
Blue: Our history, including natural history, spreading beyond the gold.

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Thames Heritage Festival - Vintage Festival Coromandel Peninsula

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